HEPiX news bulletin

HEPiX is only 4 days away and many people will be starting to pack now. The registration is closed, as well as the abstract submission. Behind the screens the organisers and programmers are feverishly working to cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

For those who want to know what to pack it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather. It is projected to be a little below the long term average for October, around 15C during the day. Unfortunately it is also going to be typical autumn weather, windy with intense rain showers due to the remaining summer heat in the system. My advice: bring an umbrella and a windproof coat.

We’ll be posting some more local information on the web site as we are drawing nearer the start of the workshop; here are just some notes to take into consideration when planning your stay.

Thanks to our generous sponsor Western Digital we have secured a pre-paid public transport card for all participants, with enough credit to last the week for typical use. So on arrival in The Netherlands, choose the cheapest option to get to your hotel and to Nikhef on Monday.

Registration opens 08:00 hours on Monday 14 October at the WCW Congress Centre. Nearest public transport is either the railway station Amsterdam Science Park or bus stop Science Park Aer (bus 40). You can use several different planners.

Traditionally we’ll have a welcome reception on Monday evening, immediately following the program for the day. Buses will take us from the campus directly into the city; due to time constraints we have to leave at 16:30 hours sharp.

The HEPiX banquet will be held on Wednesday; the location is in the very centre of Amsterdam but exact directions will follow later.

The time table for the workshop is being fleshed out to fit everybody’s presentations; the coffee breaks and lunch breaks are locally served and give us plenty of time for interaction and visiting the tables of our sponsors who generously provided all the food and drinks.

The entire workshop will be recorded, streamed, and can be followed remotely via Vidyo.

Should there be any questions, urgent or otherwise, the local team can be reached by e-mail at hepix-2019autumn-support@hepix.organd by telephone: during office hours call Joan Berger at +31205925169; outside office hours +31205922219. (At all times the emergency services in the Netherlands can be reached by calling 112.)

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in a few days!